Monday, June 28, 2010


I have never written a blog before and I'm not really sure what I should be doing. Part of my reasoning is to be an alternative voice to the irrational rantings of the right wing media. It's funny actually, how much the right wing still keeps harping on the horrors of the left wing media, but I'm afraid I don't see it much. Personally, I think we have enough problems and issues to deal with that it's about time that we stopped labeling ourselves and taking sides, and instead opened our minds and started trying to fix the problems we have. It does make me nervous that we may have lost the ability to even try. Politicians only seem to care about being reelected, businesses only care about making money, students seem to care about grades, but not about learning, and religions seem to care only about power.

It's time to reawaken the renaissance spirit that once beakoned us to learn, to create and to appreciate the beauty of life. Somehow we've become (and maybe the U.S.) has always been fixated on competition and money. Anything else is now marketed as communisim. So far our fixation has driven us to a war that shows no signs of ending, environmental catastrophes frightening in their scope and a decline of science and technology that threatens to lesson our global position, weaken our infrastructure and reduce our literacy.

So I would like to use this sight to vent my feelings (and yes they are my feelings and I will not try to make anyone think that my ramblings should be mistaken for fact, unless of course I can cite the sources). I may occasionally veer off to subjects I love, to remind us that the world can be a most glorious place, because the newsworld makes it very hard to remember that.

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