Saturday, July 24, 2010

Quick question.

Why is it that when a company is questioned about why their CEO needs a salary of four million dollars, or a sports star requires 10 million we are told that it is necessary to spend a lot of money to get good people; yet when a teacher, fireman, or police officer asks for more money we are told that they make too much money? I guess we don't need good teachers, firemen, or police officers.

Yes, these jobs are paid for by tax payers. Guess what teachers, firemen, police officers and other civil servants also pay taxes. They in effect pay part of their own salaries. If I use the bank you work at, I in essence pay part of the salaries of the tellers, clerks and bank officers with the money I store in your bank. If I purchase goods at a retail store, part of the money I spend goes to paying the people who work for that store. Pay people low wages and you will not bring in the best people. Yes, there are some saints out there, but most people will go where they can get the best paycheck. Good civil servants will get the best paying jobs they can. That leaves the worst civil servants working in the places with the poorest pay or working conditions.

You want really good help, or just cheap taxes?

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