Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Taxes and wars

Normally, in the past, when there have been wars, there have been war taxes. Why is it that we spend trillions on a war, but everyone gets up in arms when the mention of additional taxes hits the airwaves. The republicans, who seem to be the most pro-war, are the first to scream, "no new taxes".

No one likes taxes, but you can't expect to wage an extremely expensive war, plus take care of all the problems this country has on the home front, by continuing to reduce taxes especially on the rich. I'm really sorry rich people, but guess what, taxing the poor doesn't bring in much money, because they don't have any. If you really believe this war is beneficial to your country you should be proud to pay the taxes necessary to its continuation.

Here's a thought; stop the war and use the money saved to improve our economy, increase job training, increase our focus on education, improve our scientific research base, our focus on alternative fuels, our infrastructure and bring our country back up to the forefront of industrial and scientific knowledge. In all the afformentioned topics, we are falling further and further behind the rest of the world.

So how do we stop the war? Simple. Reinstate the draft and impose a war tax! As soon as that happens, people will be out in the streets begging and demanding that the war be stopped. As long as the poor and lower middle class have to bear the brunt for most of the sacrifices made for this war, most people just don't care how long this stupidity goes on.

So raise taxes (especially on the rich), and reinstate the draft and we'll be out of this war in six months or less. We can then use that money to bring the U.S. back up to it's former educational and technological levels. The question is which is more important, the war or the condition of our country. Some will insist that the war is keeping us safe (of course I never see these particular people running out to inlist), but as we spend trillions over there, we allow our country to slowly disintegrate, and how does that keep us safe?

Does anyone remember the United Soviet Socialist Republic? Does anyone remember one of the reasons that government finally fell? It had to do with their obsession with military might and the fact that they put so much money into "protecting themselves" from the world that there really wasn't much left in the USSR to bother protecting. In other words the country fell from within first. A strong military is important, but not to the detriment of everything else.

It's time to reinvest in our country. Start up the draft. Let's face it rich people will do anything to avoid sending their children to war, add a war tax and the rich will be picketing in the streets against this war. Enough is enough, lets get out before it's too late.

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