Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Women and those that still hate them

I am still trying to contain my anger after seeing the news report about the woman in Iran who is to be stoned because of adultery.

How much longer can we as a species continue to treat women as animals, who we may kill or destroy simply because they do not behave in a manner to which we approve? Hell, animals receive better treatment in many cases. How much longer can woman be treated as property? It is not just a few places on Earth, even here in this country where we think we have equality we don't. Yes, it's not as pronounced or severe, but it's still there.

And yes I understand why an individual woman with few options or powers would stay in a relationship that is opressive and dangerous, because often they have no knowledge of anything better. My question is why do so many of us (women) still look upon our own gender as naturally corrupt, worthless or stupid. My daughter recently sent me a female classmate's views on motivation. In it this young lady mentions how woman are weaker because they can't control their emotions and men are stronger. I hate to break it to everyone, but many men and women both have trouble controlling their emotions. It's just that women usually show their emotions by getting frustrated or crying or acting silly or giddy. Men tend to show more violent emotions (even the positive ones), They scream or yell, stomp about or hit.Picture a winning teams fans as they spread out throughout the town knocking over cars and breaking windows. This is emotion out of control. I've never in my adult life felt the need to be violent to a person or object because I was happy. But because men rule most of the planet they can put value on their emotions, behaviors and habits and devalue ours, and create religions that keep women in their place, with the myth that we are weaker and must be submissive for our own good.

Not that it should matter, but this woman in Iran was beaten until she confessed and their is little proof to convict her. Also where is the man she supposedly committed adultery with? What is his punishment? How can a country believe that they should be allowed to have nuclear weapons when they still have a mindset from the middle ages?

I'm not sure how to change this, so if anyone has a great idea let me know. But what I do know is that we as women have to start protecting and standing up for each other, whenever we can. We need to teach our daughters that they and their feelings are just as important, as their brother's. We need to stop teaching our daughters that without a man or children in their lives they have no real value. We have to insist that men treat us as equals, and refuse to spend time with the ones that won't. Yes, things are better in this country than they were, but they are not yet equal, and they are far from better in many other places. We are still all slaves if even one of us is a slave.

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